Kids Thin Chapter Books Unsorted Lot

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This is a random assorted lot of chapter books. The pictures are a representation of the kinds of books you are going to be getting. You may get some of the books pictured... you will not get all the books pictured.

Our stock is changing all the time, and for this price, we aren't able to handle requests for specific titles. But our team takes great care to make sure that each package is full of amazing titles in good readable shape :)

There will be no duplicates in your order. Teachers, parents, daycare centers, hospitals, and all other types of caregivers love these kinds of lots because of the price and how they can instantly have a library for young kids. 

Many of these books are Scholastic titles.  Save 75% over buying these titles new!


Reading is so important to kids of all ages.  We know that kids that read early and often are more likely to develop a lifelong habit of curiosity about the world and will be better prepared to be the leaders of tomorrow!

Order with confidence knowing that we accept returns for any reason within 30 days and if you have any problems with your order, our team will be here to make sure you are taken care of.