This Month's Booksale Went Super Well!

Posted by Greg Murphy on

We look forward to the booksale every month, because it just isn’t the same as selling books online.

It’s just not even close :)

You get to actually serve people and see them happy because of the work you did.

Although we sell way way WAY more books on the interwebs than we do at our in person sale, it’s getting to see folks leave the shop with a smile that makes it worth the effort.

We had a survey we did last month… and we got a bunch of responses. 

The biggest thing people wanted was to have more time to shop.

So we are going to expand our hours and add some time on Friday as well, for those that can’t get away during the weekend.

It will still be the first weekend of the month.

Friday Afternoon Preview Sale
May 6th. 3-7

Saturday May 7th 10-6

Sunday May 8th 11-5

Another thing folks wanted to see was a way to trade books in during the sale.

So…. we are going to do that as well! Going forward, we will have a trade in counter during Booksale hours.

There is no limit to the amount of items you can bring in…. BUT, we can’t promise we can take everything, and if you have a very large order and our team is overwhelmed, we may ask you to fill out a form and let us process your order outside of sale hours.

You can also donate books to us 24/7 by coming to the shop and putting them in the donation bin.

Thanks so much for your help.

I hope to see you at our next sale :)


-Greg Murphy


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