The people that change the covers on the books are ok I guess...

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Although... books have a longer shelf life than actors, and every single day I see the other more traditional books at our warehouse look at these newcomers with a combination of contempt and pity.

And the actors of a previous generation staining the covers of books is just weird.

Instead, I'm talking about the folks that are banning books.

There is an article in Book Riot that talks about the fact that nearly half of state legislatures are considering laws banning books, including Ohio.

We are firmly against this. We are pro librarian, pro teacher, and pro books. Of all types.

The biggest reason for my stance on this is that I don't trust the amateurs.

The ones from either end of the political spectrum that want to decide what books are in a library.

That's not good.

I hate getting even slightly political, because I know for sure at least a few of you guys will get bummed out and send me a mean message.

That's how America works nowadays :(

But this is a big deal to me, and it comes down to trust. I trust the folks that stock libraries for a living, and not the folks that almost certainly have never read the books they are pissy about.

(And, not for nothing, but whatever topic is sooo taboo that it can't be in the school library is readily available in a million youtube videos made by knuckleheads.)

Banned book week is this fall, and I'm always a fan of supporting it.

We are going to be putting together a bundle of banned books for sale on our website soon for you guys to check out if you'd like.

Until next time,

-Greg Murphy


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