Misfits and Weirdos

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Today has already been a long day and I’m writing this at 7:30am :(

I have a weird kind of sleep issue where I can’t get back to sleep if I wake up. This means I don’t need alarms in the morning… but it also means that I am insanely jealous of people that can sleep in until 9am on a Saturday.

This particular morning I woke up at 4 and I couldn’t get back to sleep.

Yesterday was the biggest day of online sales we have had in awhile so I went in to work to get a jumpstart on the day.

Then at 6:45 I drove back home to get my daughter Syd up for school.

On the way back home I got to thinking about us. You and me.

And how we are misfit weirdos that belong in the same tribe of luddites…. at least sometimes.

While our contemporaries are busy watching TikTok videos and reality television, we pick up strange talismans made of dead trees that can transport us to any place or time in this world or any other.

That’s just bonkers.

We have relationships with pretend people made up by other people we’ve never met and get angry when those pretend people do things we don’t want.

Stephen King said that books are a uniquely portable magic.

And because of folks like you, I get to run a sort of magical repository :)

I hope you guys all have a wonderful day and if you’d like to support what we are doing and have us build a bag of books especially for you, click here to learn more about our Storybags.

The way it works is you fill out a short survey about what you or a loved on likes, and we put together a bag of books just for you.

And we put a lot of thought in these bags.

We really love putting them together.

And if for whatever reason you aren’t happy we’ll replace the books or give you a full refund.

Thanks for all your help and I’ll talk to you soon.

-Greg Murphy


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