"How do you become an actor?"

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This is the question I got while I was folding my laundry this morning.

Syd was eating her sugary cereal (because I'm a bad parent) and watching a Disney movie on her iPad.

I explained that I didn't know.

She then asked how much money actors made.

Now this was a question I did have a good answer for... and I also thought it might help dissuade her from going further down this particular rabbit hole.

"Most actors don't make any money at all. Ten thousand times more people want to be paid actors than there are roles for. It's really REALLY competitive."

(The actual number is probably a lot higher I'd guess... but with my particular 9 year old, a bigger number would have meant less, because it would have seemed more abstract.)

"Hmm," she said.

I could tell she was working on the problem because she had the same face she had while trying to poop really hard as a baby... a kind of intensity that also included a very slight movement of her eyes towards crossing.

"Well... I'll tell them I'd do it for free," she said finally, gesturing to the screen. She looked quite magnanimous, as though Disney was hurting for cash and needed 3rd graders that could read at a 6th grade level for voice over work.

"Well baby, I think there are probably thousands and thousands of other folks that went to school to learn how to do that who would probably do it for free too."

I then suggested that she make her own cartoon using Scratch... which is a free programming tool for kids.

So now she is working on a script that I have promised to upload to Facebook and YouTube once she was done with it.

Unless this is like magic, dinosaurs, gymnastics, and a whole bunch of other things she was passionate about for a few weeks before moving on, you will probably be getting a sheepish email from me at some point in the future with a link to a "project" from my kid.

This is another thing I promised her so this father of the year contender could go back to listening to his audiobook while folding laundry.

I'll tell you all about her first covid vaccine shot soon and how it made her believe (even more than before) that I am famous.

As though being Dwayne Johnson and a guy that sends emails to 10,000 people in a middling Ohio city and a few more thousand around the country is the same thing :)

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-Greg Murphy


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