Big Changes to Our Warehouse Sale!

Posted by Greg Murphy on

Our next warehouse sale will be held on Mother's Day Weekend and we are making a few changes. Please read to the end of the post to see all the fun stuff we have going on.
1. We are going to have a Friday night preview sale May 6th 3pm-7pm
2. For this sale, all mom's get a FREE BOOK! (valued at $3 or less. If you want a book that is more, you just pay the difference.)
3. We are doing buyback during the sale! Bring the books you don't need to the sale and we will go through them and make a trade offer for the ones we can use.
4. We have added a few hours to the sale on Saturday as well, for folks that want to come in a bit early or a bit later.
The new hours will be:

Friday Preview Sale May 6th 3pm-7pm

Saturday May 7th 10am-6pm

Sunday May 8th 11-5.

And lastly…. A reminder that moms who join us for the May sale get a free book!

Help us spread the word 🙂

Thanks for all your help!

I'll go into more detail about all this stuff later, but I wanted to make you guys aware so you could plan accordingly!


-Greg Murphy


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